Parkinson’s Disease Prevention Potentially through Berries Consumption

In an article from ScienceDaily I read this past weekend, and reread this evening, an interesting development has been reported by Xiang Gao, MD, PhD, with the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston in relation to Parkinson’s Disease (PD) prevention.  Based on the studies conducted, Dr. Gao has found that flavonoids, specifically a group called anthocyanins, may have neuroprotective effects.  If this is indeed confirmed to be the case, consumption of flavonoids may be a natural and healthy way to reduce one’s risk of developing PD.

The two-dimensional chemical structure of the flavonoids can be found on page 2 of the following article: Food sources of flavonoids include tea, red wine, fruits, vegetables, and legumes (Source:  Furthermore, flavonoids are found in dark chocolate.  In looking at the sub-class of flavonoids–anthocyanins–it seems that blackberries, followed by blueberries and raspberries (red) in the berries family, contain the highest mg anthocyanins/100 g of fresh fruit.

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7 Responses to Parkinson’s Disease Prevention Potentially through Berries Consumption

  1. iain carstairs says:

    It’s excellent news and is why these modern diseases are – well, modern diseases. We accuse Nature of shoddy workmanship when all the prevention tools and remedies are being held out in front of us by the planet, for free, in an infinitely renewable form, growable more or less anywhere.

    The idea that the Universe doesn’t care seems based on modern society. Which is understandable, as it throws you on the scrapheap if you grow old or sick or fail to earn money. But that’s a man-made world and calls for a man-made solution.

    The way the planet is set up is completely for the benefit of all and sundry. If the power-mad grab what it offers and call it their own, or prevent people – it’s rightful owners – from accessing it, and offer expensive plastic junk for food instead, the Universe can’t be blamed.

    But perhaps I’m old fashioned…

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you Mr. Iain Carstairs, although I cannot prove it rigorously, it does seem intuitive! I don’t think you’re old-fashioned, though, but are being realistic in light of what is going on in our world. Thank you for your comment. Truly do appreciate it!

      I haven’t updated this blog in a while as you can see, as I have not found anything noteworthy since then that would be worthwhile blogging about. I do continue to read quite a bit from the science press on Parkinson’s Disease (PD), as it concerns my mother who is afflicted by it, and would hope to find solutions that can truly help. I have found something recently from an Australian naturopathic doctor by the name of John Coleman, ND, in regards to aqua hydration formulae that could be beneficial in conjunction with a healthy diet. I might blog about that at some point.

  2. iain carstairs says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your mother; I feel certain that natural solutions are very powerful indeed. The drugs industry makes them seem quaint and old fashioned, but if you ask chemical engineers how they could make an enzyme that chops up 30,000 targeted sites in one second (!!) they’d admit it doesn’t seem possible. But that’s the kind of thing which these fruits deliver (eg, bromelaine, in pineapples).

    I don’t know much about Parkinson’s but when I got cancer in my eye some years back I read everything I could find and was staggered at what I could have done to prevent it. In apricot kernels, for example, there is a cyanid which is completely inert and passes through the body and bloodstream harmlessly. But guess what! The one enzyme which can unlock its killing power is the kind that thrives around the sites of newly formed tumours. Which is why native tribes on a nitrolisidic diet are known to practically never get cancer until they begin a western diet.

    I’ve started ingesting fruit at every opportunity and feel more mentally alert and calm; if I find any more info on natural treatment of Parkinson’s that has the ring of truth in a promising molecular explanation I will for sure send it along. And perhaps you will find there is more to blog about after all!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Carstairs! I hope you’re doing a great deal better now after dealing with cancer of the eye. We truly do have a great deal of food in Western diets, but a great deal of it is frankly junk and mean to lull us instead of invigorating us. It is quite sad, indeed! However, we have ways of educating ourselves about nutrition through books, radio, TV, and the internet that is unprecedented, but we have to be very discerning about the information we come across.

  4. Thanks for your continued support of sciencesprings. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Thanks again for your continuing support of sciencesprings.

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